audrey horne – pitch black mourning كلمات اغاني

all of these thoughts that come running through my head
they seem to be distorted pictures
memories of how i first got to this point
through a blurry polaroid
days in the wilderness, lost in the emptiness
all my thoughts are clouded by the pitch black mourning of something long gone
a ghost without a name
when morning comes it screams so loud
crackin’ up again
wash the blood and hide the evidence
the sun arise, it burns my eyes
well, i never thought it would come to this… my dear
crashed on the way down, my head first into the ground
bloodstains lead the way home for me
follow the trail from the ground to the wrist to these pale, anemic eyes
erase and rewind, throw it all back in time
tell me, will i still remember you?
and how comes, the last thing i see as i p-ss out, is you fading to black

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