Daily Prompt: The Story of Jad

Every day when Jad wakes up in the morning, he goes directly to his parents’ bedroom where his new born brother Farid lays behind his mother on her bed. Jad was the only boy in his family, and he asked his parents to give birth for a new baby so he will not get bored anymore. He was extremely happy when his mother told him that he will have a brother or a sister after 8 months. For the last few months, Jad and his mother went together  shopping for everything the new baby may need. Moreover, Jad was the one who selected Farid’s name, and he loved his brother before he came to life, and promised his mother to protect and love his brother.

Four months ago, Jad waked up and went directly to his mother’s bedroom to say hello to his new born brother, and play a little with him before Jad’s school bus arrived. One day after Jad was in school, wired wind has arrived, making so much noise on the school’s windows. The wind was fast and dangerous, the students were afraid as well as the teachers, because no one heard that a storm would attack the region. Jad didn’t panic like other students, but a strange feeling gripped his heart, and he didn’t realize why his thoughts went directly to his brother Farid!

Meanwhile, Jad’s mother was visiting her neighbor in the next building, taking a cup of tea, and left Farid alone at home since he was sleeping, she thought that nothing dangerous will happen as long as this is Farid’s time for sleeping, and she knows that he never waked up in this time. The storm began to pick up strenght and speed, and Jad began to be worried, as he remembered that he opened the window in his parents’ room when he was playing with Farid in morning! Although no student was allowed to leave school until one of his parents came to pick him. An hour later, all the students left the school with their parents, except Jad who was the only boy left in school with his supervisor, although they called his mother a lot and no answer. Jad’s supervisor asked him that he could give him a ride to his parents’ house, and Jad accepted. When Jad and his supervisor were about to arrive where Jad and his family live, they got stuck in an unusual traffic jam. When one of the neighbors saw Jad coming in the car, she starred at Jad with a sorry look face, and…

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