Lyric Wallah – Ziad Bourji / والله – زياد برجي

Original Lyric (Arabic)
كلمات والله – زياد برجي

والله ورجعت تدق يا قلبي غريبة .. غريبة الحال معاك
والله وعرفت تحس يا قلبي بطيبة راميها زمان وراك
قدرت عليك بعنيها الحلوة .. ودبت فيها
من قبل حتى ما تعرفها بتغير عليها
وانت اللي كنت زمان حرمت تدق ولا تحس يا قلبي

فات اللي فات وداوينا الجرح وقلنا يا قلب توبا
حبينا وتحبينا وقلنا خلاص دي اخر نوبا
إيه اللي غير حالك .. وبترجع تدوب وتحب يا قلبي

سنين ومرت ولسا يا قلبي جراحنا مدوبانا
وعايزنا ننس في يوم وليلة ونغني الهوى جانا
والله زمان وأدينا هنرجع نشتكي من الحب يا قلبي

Translation in English

Lyruc I swear by Ziad Bourji

OMG , my heart you returned beating again,its strange thing , the situation is strange with you.
OMG ,my heart , finally you could feel pleasant ,that you had thrown it behind you years ago.
She could make you melt on her ,by her nice eyes.
Even before knowing her well ,you feel gealousy.
my heart ,you were in the past not beating and not feeling.

What happened in the past ,it ended ,and we treated the wound ,and we asked the heart to repent.
We loved and been loved ,and we said that’s enough ,it’s the last time.
What changed you my heart ? and made you return to love and melting!.

Years passed, and the wound still present.
And you want to forget it in one day and night ? and sing (el-hawa gana = we get loved : it’s a famous song there).
And now we returned back for the love and its complaints …

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